Suicide Awareness

In Loving Memory of my son

Sarnia Lambton holds a walk each year
to honor those who have completed Suicide.
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Welcome to the "NEW" Suicide Awareness Website.
The only thing that has changed is the appearance.
Redesigned by Brandons' Mom-Karen Rousseau.

You may not be aware that the Suicide Awareness Website does not do crisis intervention or counselling.
The information that follows is not a substitute for professional counselling.
It is strongly recommended that you seek guidance from a professional caregiver.
This website was designed by a concerned mother who lost a son to suicide.
I have no professional background to help in a crisis.
You may click on the following link that will take you to a website that has more information on where to go if you are in a crisis.

Crisis Centers

Suicide is a growing problem all around the world.
It happens so often, yet no one talks about it.
If you haven't been through it, you don't want to hear it.
If you have been through it, you may be scared to talk about it.
Or maybe you are feeling suicidal, and believe nothing can help.
These are all typical emotions when dealing with suicide.

As a mother of a young boy who completed suicide,
I was so angry that I did not know, that I didn't save him.
But how could I or anyone else as far as that goes,
I didn't know enough about the warning signs,
or where to go for help.
So through my grief, I just knew that I had to do my part.
I wanted to bring awareness to all parents, and the world.
So that maybe, I could save 1 parents heart from breaking like mine.

There usually are warning signs, if you know what to look for.
There are people who can help, if you will ask for it.
And there is no need to be ashamed of how your loved one died.
What you need to understand is what brought them to the breaking point.
"Suicide happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain."

As your walking through this site, you will learn what you need to know.
The signs, the facts and myths, who can help, and about the suicidal person.
You will also be able to have a memorial page done for your loved one.
Or view the ones that are already here.
Have a special poem, we can add that for you too.
Read poems that have been posted.

Since the death of my precious son, this is the work I do.
I do it to hopefully save a life, by sharing my story.
I do it to make tributes to those that have left us.

I built this site to honour my son,
and for every Angel whose name reaches our memorial pages.

I hope you walk away from here knowing a little more,
and remembering those who have died.
The family, friends, and memories they leave behind.
I thank you for taking the time to stop by,
and hope you will come back, or tell your friends.
And please don't forget to sign the guestbook.

My blessings to all.
Karen Rousseau

Walk for Victims & Survivors of Suicide-2003

Help Make Kris's Wish a Reality
Help Kristopher raise awareness on Organ Donation

Here is a poem that Kristopher wrote when he was in elementary school.

Scars have been with me my whole life
They cover my entire torso
Train tracks passing here and there
Large blue vains branching off into small rivers
I have an unusual belly button
that resembles a crater on the moon
Poeple are sometimes frightened
When they see my scars
But I don't worry
They don't feel as if they exist
I just know that they are there
My scars tell a story
About me and my life
And they will be with me forever.

Kris was a friend of Brandon's. His brother Robert was a Pallbearer at Brandon's funeral. 1 week before Brandon passed away Kris had asked him, if I die during my next surgery will you come to my funeral ? A week later Kris was attending Brandon's funeral.
Kris is truly an inspiration. To meet this little boy you would never know he was sick or that he has been through so many surgeries, or that he could lose this battle.
In the year 2004, 75,000 Canadians will die. If 40,000 of those people would donate their organs, all people like Kris would be able to live a long and healthy life.


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